Nokia N1 – When Nokia turns to Android

Nokia (Mobile Oy), a brand that was once a giant, a subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation currently. After the acquisition deal completed this April, the company was sliced into two units; the mobile devices unit merged into Microsoft and the networks and maps division continuing to exist. Almost 8 months after the mobile maker resigned from its craft, has stunned the world with its sudden entry into the same through its new tablet, N1. Much more interesting is its not a Windows Tablet, but runs on Android! The Company has come up with a new tablet named ‘N1’ which reminds you of the fabulous N series devices the company was once known for. The device looked like much inspired from the iPad physically, but significantly brilliant from its Technical Specs.

About The Specs In Brief:

  • Physical Specifications:
    • 7.9 x 5.46 x 0.27 inches
    • IPS LCD Capacitive Touch, 1536 x 2048 pixels Gorilla Glass 3
    • Intel Atom Z3580, Quad Core
    • 32 GB Internal Memory 2 GB RAM
    • 8 MP Rear Auto focus Camera, 5 MP Front Camera
  • Software Specifications:
    • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) Out of Box
    • Comes with Nokia Z-Launcher

The company after the acquisition deal was thought to never get into the mobile devices again. But the company later on opted a new strategy, to draw people’s attention so as to remind its existence by making devices that people like and use the most. And this time it was not a Windows powered device, but an Android (AOSP) which is the most used Operating System for Mobiles in the world. With More than 80% of the world’s mobile share occupied by Google’s AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that other mobile makers tweak or customize according to their requirements, its obvious that Nokia would get into AOSP, so as to revive its market share. And this move is opined as a Late move by many, since Nokia has significantly lost most of its Mobile share in the recent years. But according to me, its Better Late than Never. Nokia has started hinting the same with its Z Launcher, a new Launcher for Android Phones earlier this year. And this continued with the unveiling of an Android Tablet. There are speculations that Nokia would be back into direct mobile business soon, as there are rumours that the company was looking to own a few locally popular Mobile makers in Finland, so as to set up the platform. Also, according to the deal it would get back its Logo from Microsoft in a few years. This makes it clear that the giant will soon be back into the game. By Observing the things that were going on with the Finland mobile maker from the past few years, it had to go for a dynamic change in its strategy. First in 2011, when the company sensed drastic change in the future’s Smartphone technology, it had to make a choice, whether to continue with the then Symbian phones, that hardly offered anything or adapt itself to the interests of its stakeholders. And then it was rumoured that Nokia first tested Android in its line of Lumia series. And later on it had to go for Windows Phone which was a new comer at that time. And Nokia improved the share of Windows Phone, sacrificing its own market share. And when it had come to a point where it had to make a choice: whether to go on with windows Phone that yields it nothing, or to give up the entire business to its partner through acquisition. And what Nokia did is quite tactical. Nokia sold all its mobile share to Microsoft so that it can be offered some asset. With its eternal brand added to the asset it has got, it can get back into mobile business at the right time with right devices and can easily revive its lost glory. And that is a clever move! Now we see the magnificence of Nokia build quality added with the reputation and performance of Android. And it’s a Long way to go for Nokia, as everything has started just Now.


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