Moto E Lollipop – Maybe The Last Big Thing

Its almost been a month since the Motorola devices have started to receive the major update of Google’s Android, Lollipop 5.0 and yet a few of them are about to receive the update. Moto E, being the cheapest and much lauded among the Line of Motorola Android devices starting from their flagship Moto X, is still being awaited for the update. Since the phone was spotted receiving update of Motorola UpScreenshot_2015-02-10-10-07-23date Services a couple of days ago, its almost nearby to its next major update.

Moto E was actually one among the devices which received the final update of KitKat (4.4.4) within a few days after it was announced. Now that it is almost nearby for the next major update of Google, its interesting to see the phone receives which version of the update. While Google has found its Lollipop update a little slow in some of its devices and has come up with update 5.0.2 for all its devices and even Motorola has come up with the same for its devices, Moto E is expected to receive the same as well. Further added to this is the teasing of the Lollipop incremental update 5.1 by Google for its Android One devices in Indonesia, and is expected to rollout the same for its Nexus line of devices as well. It has to be seen whether Motorola cones up with the same to its line of Android devices. If yes, then which ones would be getting the update.

From the leaked images of a Moto G2 running Android 5.1, it seems that Moto G line of devices may get the update. But Moto E, being a little less sophisticated than the Moto G line of devices, is doubted whether would receive the update or not.

Moto G line of Devices are Quad Core devices which give a smoother experience when running a higher Graphic Operatinc System like Lollipop. While Moto E is still a dual core device, and the next generation of Moto E is under way, it needs to see whether the updates for Moto E will stop with Lollipop 5.0.2 or would continue receiving Lollipop 5.1


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