A Few Platforms That Are Actually Build From The Same

Android is now the world’s most used Operating System for Phonesand tablets, we know it. Over the past few years we have seen many mobile phones trending over the markets with operating systems or platforms more precisely, each with unique UI and innovative designs. Let’s look at some of the most lauded mobile platforms that are actually tailored versions of Android Open Source Platform (AOSP)

Cyanogen OS (CM OS)


Cyanogen Mod OS is actually an Open Source ROM or OS Platform developed and marketed by Cyanogen which is used by most of the developers and Mobile Phone makers.

The advantage with the OS is that it is highly customizable and scalable; and is available for most of the devices. Most recently several companies like Micromax, One Plus have come up with devices which officially run CM OS. The OS is actually a highly tweaked version of AOSP. And there are CM RoMs available for almost all versions of Android. So far the OS has not touched the kernel, It offers the default Google Play Services in all its ROMs and recently the company has revealed its idea of developing its own OS with its own Play Services within a span of 18 months. Let’s see happens.

MIUI (Xiaomi)


Chinese Giant Xiaomi has become a game changer of 2014 in India with its smartphone series Mi, with competitive pricing and brand new UI. The UI is called MIUI which is again a tailored version of AOSP UI with Xiaomis custom design. The earlier versions were based on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) and CM 6 Kernel.

The UI has no dedicated menu, all the apps show up on the home screen itself. And the icons too are much different from the AOSP icons and somewhat similar to the iOS ones. The name is pronounced as “Me You I”

There were two versions of MIUI, MIUI 3 and MIUI 6. All the Xiaomi devices come with MIUI 3 preloaded and once booted will get the MIUI 6 update. The Devices still run the Android Jelly Bean 4.3 while it is expected that the phones may get KitKat or higher upgrades.

X Platform (Nokia)


Nokia X Platform was Nokia’s last innovation as an independent Mobile company in 2013. The Company was then under the acquisition of Microsoft and was sole maker of Windows Phone devices. The announcement of Nokia X platform was surprising because the Platform was a highly tweaked Android OS.

The Platform X 1.0 announced with the Nokia X line of devices was built on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 with all sort of customizations possible from Nokia and Microsoft, replacing the Google play services with Nokia Services and even developing its own Play Store for Nokia X devuces.

The last version of X Platform was X 2.0 which ran on AOSP 4.2/4.3 . Later it was rumored that Mircosoft had dumped the project due to its poor attention.

Tizen OS (Samsung)


Tizen OS is the name that has now come into reality with Samsung announcing its Z1 smartphone, Smart TV and Smart watch. The OS is again a forked version of the Android OS Platform. The company has come up with several improvements in the UI as well as performance of the Platform. The company now tells that its OS takes less power than Stock Android and has been optimized to perform well with little RAM utilization.

But all I liked is just the Stock Android that really gives us the flavor of the Platform. Which one do you like?


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