Nokia is Making an Official Comeback – This time its Android!

Its been exactly an year that the Nokia Mobile Devices Oy has been acquitted by Microsoft. Now the latest buzz is that Nokia is planning to get back into smartphones in 2016 and this time, it will be into Android smartphone business. The same has been officially confirmed by Mlke Wang, President of Nokia Devices, China.

The Nokia Devices and Services (Nokia Mobile Oy) was bought by Microsoft for 7.2 Billion USD and acquisition completed in April 2014. Soon after, Nokia went through many transformations and many started to speculate that the once giant would soon get back into glory. It was speculated that the company would choose Android for its smartphones as Windows Phone couldn’t help it out before.

Nokia sold its Mobile Devices unit to Microsoft for 7.2 Billion Dollars and the deal got officially completed in April, 2015. The company was left with Nokia Maps service and a few patents.

The company started to hint the same by developing a launcher for Android devices called the ‘Z Launcher’ which has drawn attention among Nokia fans and mobile enthusiasts. The company even extended their Here Maps service to Android and iOS, while the support for Windows Phone was reportedly reduced. Later in November 2014, it has released its debut tablet Nokia N1, that runs on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) with Z Launcher on top. It was manufactured under Foxconn Technologies, as Nokia is forbidden to produce smartphones under its branding till December 31, 2015. ‘Nokia C1’ and ‘Nokia 1100’ phones that run on Android Lollipop have been making buzz in the web for a long time. Most recently, the company has even bought Alcatel-Lucent.

Alleged Nokia 1100
Alleged Nokia 1100 that runs on Android Lollipop. Source : Phonearena

Nokia has agreed to buy Alcatel-Lucent in an all-share transaction that values at €15.6 billion. The company has already announced Nokia C1 smartphone that runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop while alleged images of a Nokia smartphone design, reportedly Nokia 1100 has been making buzz in the internet.

Nokia C1
Nokia C1 is the first Post-Microsoft Nokia Phone that too, and Android Lollipop smartphone

Now It has been confirmed that the once mobile phones giant would get back into the smartphone business in 2016, and will be focusing on Android as its mobile phone platform. It was also reported that the Company’s R&D section would be moved to Sichuan, China and would continue making smartphones from 2016. Let’s see how far the mobile giant can resurrect its past glory. I’m a Nokia fan, and am damn Happy!

Guess What’s in 2016? Nokia Android Smartphones!

Source: PhoneArena


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