Cortana (BETA) for Android – Windows Voice Assistant Comes to Google Now!

Since the day Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, the company saw several changes in the way it has seen before. Microsoft started to concentrate on the existence of its applications more as an individual entities rather than being under its own ecosystem. And since the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft has started to rollout its applications as cross-ecosystem services rather than limiting them as a bunch of utilities that come with Windows. Starting with Microsoft Office for Mobile, Microsoft has come up with most of its popular and renowned utilities as free apps in Android as well as in Apple ecosystems. And now the same has happened with the current leak of its renown personal voice assistant, Cortana, which has also been dubbed as one of the key features in its next iteration of Windows, The Windows 10.


As promised last year, Microsoft has been working on Cortana for Android and iOS, as a part of its Cross-Platform ambitions. An apk of the same has been floating over the internet (Apk Mirror) since a few days.  Also Microsoft has opened up a Survey for users to test its upcoming Assistant, who would be shared apk through mails. A Recent video from Android Authority, about the review of Cortana for Android, explained that the voice assistant was working fine, although with a small lagging, for the application being in Beta. Also the application answered for very few questions when compared with its Windows Phone counterpart.

Cortana is Microsoft’s own personal voice assistant developed by Microsoft for its Windows Phone devices, like Google Now for Android and Siri for iOS.

And guess what! I have installed Cortana in my phone too! And it was freaking awesome! I liked Cortana for its funny answers to some witty questions I asked.

Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-12-56  Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-04-33  Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-25-01
Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-17-48  Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-26-04  Screenshot_2015-07-19-16-26-59

Let’s see if it gets any better by the time it gets officially released to the store. Cortana’s worth the wait!


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