Resurrecting Vintage Nokia – A Fanboy’s Thoughts

“we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” were the ending words of Stephen Elop, the last CEO of Nokia as a Mobile Phone company back in 2013, when the company was announced to be sold to Microsoft. And then many believed that Nokia would never come back again to smartphone business. Although Microsoft tried its best to sell off the brand value for its Windows Phone OS, it ended up in 0.1% share of the mobile market. Shaken up by this debacle, Microsoft scrapped up Nokia brand on its smartphones and instead started to sell them under its own brand, which doesn’t seem to do good anyways.

2016 marked the year of setting things up for the grand resurrection; which brought Nokia branding back on top of not just smartphones but even on tablets – the Nokia N1 that has shaken up the entire Chinese smartphone market. Preceded by an innovative launcher for Android – the Z launcher, what followed N1 was not just one but a couple of smartphones and an official announcements by a new finnish company HMD global that took up this task of bringing Nokia back. “Vintage Nokia is back!” is what many might have thought as Nokia isn’t just a phone brand that ruled the industry for over two decades, but a name that correlates to many memories – a nostalgia.

“Nokia should have opted Android instead of Windows Phone when it had to make a choice” is what many had opined when things started to fail for the once a mobile phone leader. And yes even I was one among the many fanboys who were beyond excited when the Nokia X series – publicized as the first Nokia Android phones were released. Yes they were Android phones, for just name sake as they ran Android Jelly Bean with a mediocre chipset and RAM; indicating how much reluctant Nokia was towards Android when under Microsoft leadership. And then of course  it was scrapped before a second generation called Nokia X2 was released, which very few would have noticed. Had Nokia banked on Android than Windows Phone, things would have been a lot different by now; the giant would have seen a gigantic success. But it’s just a past that’s long gone. Nokia as a mobile leader has now just become a brand patent of another finnish company which is selling the nostalgia on its own handsets.

Nokia 6, 5, 3 and 3310 – the new fleet of Nokia smartphones now lead by HMD are a range of handsets from Mid-range to feature phones in their decreasing order goes. Nokia 6 has already taken the Chinese market by storm, indicating how much Nokia is still being lauded by the world. Although the specifications may look a bit low when compared to the other mid rangers of Samsung, Moto and Xiaomi, the brand just speaks. While the other three new handsets were announced in the MWC 2017, another device – the flagship – Nokia 8 still awaits its launch. HMD should now focus on bringing handsets which can be a real deal for money, rather than just expecting people to buy them just for the sake that they bear a Nokia logo. And surprisingly people have been buying it; for the Nokia logo they wanted back so badly.

As a fanboy and a tech enthusiast, I did like the new devices as the Nokia smartphones, but when the logo is off, they’re just absurd smartphones with a weak spec sheet and nothing much to boast on apart from running on Nougat. But what makes me feel better is that they’re now Android devices, a ton times better than the colorful plastic WP ones. I wish the legacy should continue, with the best of Nokia’s innovation and brand value combined together bringing in the real beasts.

Let me end this up by just saying that Nokia not just connected people, but many worlds together. Now it’s time that the two hands of innovation and legacy to join together; bringing in the Vintage Nokia back.


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